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Corruption in Portside City


It’s 1925……………   It’s Prohibition………………   It’s Operation Portside
Can Elliot Mess clean up the Corruption in Portside City?… more »

Ulysses Motorcycle Club Comes To Town


Regional & Rural Welcomes the Ulysses Motor Cycle Club to Town!

This week in Wauchope, Port Macquarie and the Hastings Valley, … more »

Its Show Time In the Hastings


Its Showtime in the Hastings

The 107th Wauchope Show – The Royal … more »

Is it the Luck of The Irish ? Or is Economic Modelling like Weather Forecasting?


Given today is St Patricks Day, it is a good time to consider the part that … more »

50 Shades of Grey


Do I have legal access to my property?

Is the property land locked?   ………………   It can be a very Grey Matter!

If … more »

Back To School – So What Has Changed?


Back to School – So What’s Changed?

Now that the New Year is well underway, and the new School Year has begun, … more »

Virtual Tour and Aerial Drone Videos – A Real Risk for Real Estate and Property Owners


Virtual Tour and Aerial Drone Videos – A Real Risk for Real Estate and Property Owners

The dangers of having your home … more »

Industrial Real Estate Set to Soar


Industrial Real Estate Set To Soar

With many economists observing a slowdown in residential real estate markets nationally, and predicting further slowing, the trend towards well chosen Industrial Real Estate Investments … more »

Real Estate Agent Wauchope Drew Oliver


Wauchope Real Estate Agent Drew Oliver.
Drews working background was centred around the building industry as an electrician. In the middle of the 1980’s Drew took up a career … more »

Regional & Rural Realty Opens New Office In Wauchope



is excited to announce the expansion of their business with the opening of their

New Office in Wauchope, with Jen Oliver as licensee.

From humble beginnings almost two years ago when Drew and Jen … more »