It’s 1925……………   It’s Prohibition………………   It’s Operation Portside


Can Elliot Mess clean up the Corruption in Portside City?

What is his Secret Weapon?

Operation Portside

A Wacky 1920’s Musical Directed by Greta Warner

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Portside is set in the 1920’s and centres on the Railway coming to Portside City, which leads to the town dividing in two and  developing a new neighbourhood called Railway town, a nice place to grow veggies and raise a family….. Meanwhile Portside City has been taken over by a secret society and the next town on their agenda is Railway town.

Elliott Mess of the untouchables and his men are trying to clean up the corruption in Portside City and no one knows the secret weapon they have… Meanwhile Rosie Ruggins who runs the Moonlight club has a secret of her own!

Operation Portside guarantees a host of entertainment featuring singing, music, comedy and dancing. The Musical is being presented by actors of all ages, who really wish to be in the performing arts and it is about getting more community groups involved in the arts.