Is a Positively Geared Real Estate Investment a Better Option ?


There has been quite a deal of discussion over negative gearing in relation to real estate investments in recent times and some critical analysis of its use in reducing taxable incomes.

That aside, unless you have a level of income that requires you to create tax offsets, negative gearing may not be the best structure for your financial situation.

Positive Gearing then may be a better option for people with lower incomes without tax liabilities who are looking to generate a supplementary income stream.

Positive Gearing in simple terms provides you with money in hand after all the expenses of holding the asset are covered.

Retirees and others on modest incomes or those with ample existing tax offsets could well be better off with a cash flow positive investment.

The advantages of positive gearing include increased income, a lower risk profile, balance to an investment portfolio and easier access to lending approval.

It is always prudent to seek financial advice from a qualified professional to assess your individual situation prior to making investment decisions.

Regional & Rural can now present a very attractive Positively Geared Real Estate Investment, fully costed with depreciation schedule and investment analysis.

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