My House Sold in 2 Days and I Saved Thousands in Commission !

First Buyer

When it comes to selling Real Estate there are no second chances to get the best result.

Effective Comprehensive Marketing is paramount to achieving the highest price possible.

If you want to catch a fish, throw in a line. If you want to catch them all you will need a net.

The net needs to be spread as wide as possible to capture the interest of every potential buyer who may be interested in your property.

If your property sold in 2 days, you may well have missed the buyer who would have paid significantly more, BUT did not know your property was available.

If you choose an agent who promotes their service on how CHEAPLY they can sell your house, be aware your outcome may be similar.

It is sometimes the case that the first offer on a property, IS the best offer, BUT this must come in the full knowledge that every potential buyer has had the opportunity to consider your property.

The very next buyer may have paid a higher price that would have covered a professional negotiating agent and the marketing expenses twice over.

Think of marketing as an investment in your financial asset, not as a cost burden.

In Port Macquarie and the Hastings Valley, whether it is in town residential or rural acreage property, many of the buyers are Sea Changers or Tree Changers who come from far afield.

These buyers need to be enticed and captured, by far reaching and effective marketing.

Supply and demand are also a major factor in real estate.

At present in the Port Macquarie residential housing market, demand outstrips supply 3 to 1 and as such properties will generally sell quickly. This is why buyers will make immediate offers.

But, be aware that a better buyer may be around the corner, down the street, OR out of town, and who will pay more.

In contrast, the rural lifestyle acreage and agricultural markets are slower to move with fewer buyers circulating.

At Regional and Rural Realty we use well researched leading edge marketing to locate these buyers to obtain the very best price possible for your property.

Choose an agent that you can trust will work in your best interests and not that of the buyer or themselves.

Ultimately, you need an agent who will work hard for you, the vendor, to negotiate the Best Price and not the fastest 2 day discount commission, on a shoestring budget.


Drew Oliver