Port News Wed Jan 21st 2015 – Million Dollar Property with Links Back to 1830 Now For Sale




Mr “Wauchope”

THE area that ‘Mr Wauchope’ originally settled has gone on the market in one of the most historic sales the area has ever seen.

Ironically, it’s listed with the Hastings’ newest real estate agency, Regional and Rural Realty.

Back in the late 1830s, Captain Robert Andrew Wauch would have had no comprehension that the majestic pastural property would potentially yield $1 million in the year 2015.

Bordering on the western side of King Creek, the 175 acre property was part of the 767 acre area Captain Wauch chose to settle after arriving in Australia with his wife Mary  and growing family.

He named the large estate after his true family name Wauchope, where the township, which now has a population of 7000, grew from.

Whilst his original homestead known as ‘Wauchope House’ burned down, today’s two dwellings, sheds and yards sit on prime agricultural grazing land, with rich alluvial river flat soils.

Wandering the historic flats, you can almost picture Captain Wauch’s family farming the land, like something from a Timbertown re-enactment in the area’s dairy and timber logging heyday.

The property at 45 Weismantle Street, which is now called Hillview, is steeped in history, with a red-brick house sitting on a hill in the vicinity of the former ‘Wauchope House’.

Pasture improved and divided into several paddocks the land is currently utilised for cattle and fodder crops.

Agent Drew Oliver described Hillview as “part of the colourful tapestry of the early settlement of the Hastings Valley”.

With a six-figure asking price, it’s definitely a unique opportunity, combining nostalgia with a rural lifestyle.