Real Estate Consumer Applications – Can You Rely On Them?

The real estate market has seen a growing number of consumer applications (apps) emerge in recent years, many of which are for estimating the sale price of a property

These apps use predictive algorithms to determine what the consumer should expect to see as the sale price.

There are also a myriad of apps comparing agents and fees.


Like the core of the real estate industry itself, virtually all these apps claim to be the Number 1 App that will produce you, the consumer, the mind-blowingly best outcome.


So, can you employ an app as a buyer to locate you the best property, in the best location, arrange your finance and “pre approval”, bid at auction, win the prize, pack your bags and pour the champagne?


Or, as a seller, can your app find you the “Number 1” agent with the highest success rate, with the lowest fees, who will achieve the most extraordinary result?


Best consult your ACA “App Comparison App” for the best app to answer these questions.

I also understand there is an app for 3 letter acronyms. Best I employ that one!


In the meantime bear in mind that all these apps have written into their codes, a bias, to suit their own agenda.

Also note, that the code writers are often, not always, but often, the most boring BBQ buddies on the planet.

That aside, they are very astute at pleasing their corporate employers by ensuring the app, spews out the desired info with certainty only rivalled by taxes and death.

So, whether it is a financial institution, a real estate portal, a real estate agency or an “Independent” real estate “App Specialist”, rest assured you will get the RAR (resultant app rhubarb) that the app writer and their employer want you to digest.

Does RAR have influence in the market. The answer (without reference to an app) must be a resounding Yes!

Are they accurate? You be the judge.

The human species are so overloaded these days, mostly from electronic devices, that we are refreshingly comfortable with having our devices do the thinking for us.

At the end of the day, the human interface remains a vital part of humanity itself.

I firmly believe a trusted professional representative involved in your real estate and financial matters will serve you better than any electronic solution.


Whilst I was drafting this newsletter, I received a phone call about a client who had just passed away.

It is an immediately grounding feeling about what is real, important and meaningful in life.

Spend time with those you love and never take them for granted, for in one moment on one day they will depart.


Drew Oliver

Principal & Licensee

Regional & Rural

Real Estate Consumer Applications – Can You Rely On Them?