Seasons Change – So What’s Next for the Real Estate Market?

In Regional NSW, Winter has come to an end with well above average seasonal buyer activity dominating in both Rural & Residential markets.

Typically, there is somewhat of a seasonal slowdown during the cooler mid-year period.

However, this year, Winter has seen a constant level of high buyer activity.

On the Mid North Coast, New England, Port Macquarie and the Hastings Valley we have had strong sales results. This has left a very low supply of properties available for sale.

As we move into Spring we anticipate continuing strong buyer activity. With the current situation of properties for sale in short supply and high buyer numbers, the conditions are ideal for sellers to achieve excellent sale prices.

Take note however, this does not usually last long, as more properties will begin to flow onto the market.

Our leading-edge marketing strategies target “out of area” buyers and particularly those exiting Sydney and other major capital cities for a quieter life, be it a Sea Change or a Tree Change.

These buyers are generally well resourced and better positioned to buy, having cashed in high capital growth properties. Their cash position and borrowing ability is solid, and they will often pay a better price for their ideal property.

Having said that, these purchasers are well informed and particularly well educated about our property market. They are discerning buyers who are ready to act, but won’t throw their money away. Sales to them, need to be negotiated intelligently, by an agent who understands not only our market but the market that they are coming from.

This is not only of benefit in our residential real estate market, but it is also very beneficial in the rural property sector.

Due to very tight rural property lending criteria, sales of rural lifestyle and agricultural properties often cannot proceed. The cash ready, ex city based buyer, is very valuable to secure for a successful rural property transaction.

So, if you are considering selling your property in the near future, and would like to have access to highly capable cash ready buyers from Sydney and elsewhere, we would be interested to hear from you.

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Drew Oliver


Principal & Licensee

Regional & Rural