Off the plan 1 (700 x 395)Should You Buy Real Estate Off The Plan ?

Buying real estate off the plan is a mechanism that may be attractive to both an investor or a buyer intending to occupy the property themselves.Fundamentally you are buying a real estate proposition that is yet to be built.

From an investment speculation point of view, many people will seek to achieve capital growth on the property whereby the property is worth more that the purchase price once the construction is completed.

This can be an attractive and successful investment option, however, you must take into consideration a range of factors which may influence the value of your finished investment.

These include macro and local economic conditions, employment opportunity, changing trends and demographics and local planning controls.

But, most importantly is the overarching fundamental of supply and demand. If there is a limited supply of your type of property with a high number of buyers for it, you are likely to realise a good price.

However, if a flood of the same property appear at the same time with few buyers in the market, you may not see as positive an outcome.

One of the major benefits of buying “Off The Plan” is that you are most often able to select the finishes and colour schemes that suit you. Kitchens, bathrooms, taps and tiling, light fittings, curtains, carpet and paint schemes can be fashioned to your style and desire.

You are also able to track the building process, and then…………

Move into a Brand New Home with you personality already stamped on the finished product.

Regional & Rural Realty has now launched our…….

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Drew Oliver

Principal & Licensee in Charge

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