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Bio~Stim Pasture Boost Fish Emulsion                              


This Organic plant food (NASAA Certified) is being used in many applications, with excellent results on pasture renovation, maze, brassica feed supplements, Lucerne, and instant turf.

This unique stimulant provides the crucial balance of the five main minerals required to maintain luxuriant growth, and enhanced ability in surviving extreme growing conditions.


The Five main nutrients:

Calcium needs a biological link, which may be lacking due to copper or chemical related soil-life destruction. When large amounts of nitrogen and potassium are used to push any crop, there will be a corresponding shortage of calcium in the plant. Nitrogen & potassium are trans-located and utilised at a faster rate than calcium. Calcium is required for healthy, balanced cell division, particularly in the growing tips of shoots and roots.  Often the plant cannot access enough calcium to keep up with the growth pressure funded by nitrogen & potassium.

Phosphorous is the key to quality. Colour, taste and shelf life are all related to the phosphorous levels in the leaf of any plant. As with Calcium, there is a biological link to the availability of phosphorous.  Applied phosphates are prone to “lock-ups”. This can be overcome by using the BIO STIM Pasture Boost, which unlocks and reactivates elements within the soil.


Magnesium is a powerful phosphate stimulator.  Potassium ties up magnesium yet many growers apply copious amounts of potassium, while magnesium is usually ignored, unless a soil test highlights a shortage.  Foliar feeding of Bio-Stim by pass these soil problems.

Zinc is another element often deficient in leaf analysis, regardless of soil levels. Copper is often the culprit. Excessive copper ties up the Zinc, and can easily be rectified from the adequate levels of Zinc occurring in the Bio-Stim.

Boron is principally a calcium stimulant, and luxury levels of this element in the leaf ensure calcium absorption, provided that there are equal levels of calcium. Boron is factored in the Bio Stim.

Foliar Application: It has been found that foliar application is the best technique to achieve the precision required for efficient plant management. Balanced growth is most accurately measured at the leaf.  Data from leaf analysis can often paint a different picture to that of soil analysis. This relates to complex nutrient relationships in the soil, where imbalances can create “lockups”.   Other influences that affect a plant’s capacity to feed itself from the soil are environmental conditions and disease or nematode problems that affect the roots.

Good timing guarantees peak performance; the time of day, the time of the month and year are relevant to include into the particular crop cycle. Early morning is the time the plant normally absorbs dew so foliar spraying early in the day will coincide with this natural feeding cycle to improve results. It is worth noting that plants do not absorb foliar nutrients in temperatures exceeding 32˚ C.

The six days leading up to a full moon are a prime time for foliar feeding. The plant is 94% water: Water moves within the plant more vigorously under full moon influences hence the Bio-Stim is more effectively translocated.    An all important factor during foliar spraying is the pH of the solution – recommended between 6 to 7pH with a more alkaline spray (6.6 – 7pH) if a growth response is required. A more acidic solution is necessary to promote reproductive growth. I.e.: 6 – 6.5pH. These enhanced ph levels also provide a friendly environment for earth worms which work well with the microbes in the Bio~Stim.


The Bio-Stim foliar feed program features regular application throughout the year. This may be a new concept to many growers, but it is quite logical to appreciate that if you feed your animals or plants a month’s food in a day, then they will be starving by day thirty.



400 litres of water to  1 litre         Recommended broad acre application

200 litres of water to   500mls        rates between 180/200 ltr / Ha. No sticker

100 litres………..       250mls        required. No withholding period of food

50  litres.……             125mls        crops or grazing stock.

25  litres…………        62mls

12.5litres………           31mls

6.25litres………           15mls        Pasture renovation: recommended rate of ~200:1

3.12litres……….          7.5mls

1 Litre of water to         2.5 ml

A recommended application every 30 days throughout the growing season. Supplying natural nutrients during the rapid growth period will boost carbohydrate levels prior to winter. This will allow pasture grasses to maintain a healthy balance and begin the new season benefiting from the stored carbohydrate. Stock that graze pasture that has been treated often show improved health. The microbes contained in the Pasture Boost can act as a starter for existing fertilizers that may have been locked in the soil.

Guaranteed to 5.0 microns       pH 7.8

 Typical analysis


Abbreviation Scale Amount Percentage


N g/100g .80 8%


P g/100g .05 0.5%
Sulphur S g/100g .04 0.4%
Potassium K g/100g .16 1.6%
Ca g/100g .0017  
Magnesium Mg g/100g .00033  
Sodium Na g/100g 0.08  
Cl Mg/Kg 2130


Zn Mg/Kg 1.03  
Copper Cu Mg/Kg .14
Iron Fe Mg/Kg 3.6
Boron B Mg/Kg 0.53
Cobalt C Mg/Kg 0.025
Selenium S Mg/Kg 0.09
Molybdenum M Mg/Kg 0.0078
Mn Mg/Kg .055


Bio-Stim “Pasture Boost TM

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