Virtual Tour and Aerial Drone Videos – A Real Risk for Real Estate and Property Owners


The dangers of having your home “Open for Inspection” to the public domain has been the subject of concern for some time.

The increasing use of “Virtual Tours” and videos to promote homes for sale, has escalated concerns of home owners, real estate agents, insurers and the police.

It is well documented that criminals have used open homes to “case” a prospective target for theft at a later time, or even easier, to pick up pocket sized valuables such as jewellery on the way through the open for inspection.

It is apparent that the digital technology of video, virtual tours and soon to come, virtual reality and augmented reality make it possible for such criminal activity to manifest in front of a computer screen or a handheld device.

This is not only restricted to the residential real estate environment. Rural properties are also at risk.

Farmers and rural property owners who have had machinery and stock disappear, need no convincing that their property is at risk to thieves.

Aerial drone videos of rural properties are an easy introduction to what you have, where it is located and the best way to get it off your property without being detected.

Recently a Rural Crime Conference was held in Port Macquarie where Police sought to develop strategies to combat property and stock theft in Regional & Rural communities.

The upshot is, be security conscious and don’t put your property, possessions or family at risk.

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Drew Oliver

Regional & Rural Realty