What Can Happen When Property Maintenance is Neglected? 

The “Chicken Little” Effect

When Just Mathias Thiele (1795–1874), a Danish scholar was inspired by brothers Jacob and William Grim to record the European Folklore tale of “Chicken Little”, who would have thought in 2018 that the sky would really fall in! 

This is a real and local story about what can happen when you property manager does not act with the appropriate degree of urgency to rectify a pressing situation. 

About a month ago, the occupant of an office space in Port Macquarie contacted the property manager of the building, reporting concerns about the cornice coming away from the ceiling. 

After a week passed by, nothing was done by the commercial property manager, whilst the occupant of the office noticed that the situation was getting worse. 

The cornice was now well away from the wall, together with the attached ceiling having developed a very noticeable crease.  

The property manager now having returned from golf and having concluded the pleasure of their double de-caffe soy latte with smashed avocado on gluten free non-sough sough-dough, did after some further days passing, dispatch a trades person to inspect the problem. 

That day came and went with no further action being noticed, apart from scuff marks from their boots on the carpet of course. 

The occupant once again contacted the property manager to establish what was being done as there had been no action at all to rectify the ceiling that was clearly getting worse. 

The property manager that we shall now call KudaKuda Dunmore, had done nothing.  

(Not their real name). 

Apparently the job was beyond the capability of the first repairer dispatched to the site. 

Kuda now sent a more capable responder to the scene to inspect the problem and appease the growing concerns of the office occupants. 

This person at least was able to see the problem and suggest a few nails could fix the issue. The office occupant now frustrated with the experience thus far, suggested a more permanent solution may be required. 

Alas, yet again Kuda Dumore, did nothing, and over the Easter long weekend, duly identified fault ridden ceiling parted company from the ceiling joists and hurtled Earthward at 9.8m/s squared. 

“Chicken Little” was absolutely right, the sky did indeed fall in Port Macquarie, albeit the chickens predictions materialised some 200 years on. 

The office was pancaked by the ceiling and office equipment destroyed.  

The moral to the story is clear, Kuda, Shuda Done More! 

If anyone had been in the office at the time, the matter would have been headed for the Coroners Court! 

The twist to this story is………….this was our Regional and Rural office in Port Macquarie 

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