The Economic Investment Clock – What Time Is it Now?

Economic Recovery on Black-Golden Watch Face.


“Investment experts have often looked to a well-respected technique called The Investment Clock to work out what they should do with their money next and in order to determine where we are in the current investment cycle.

The Investment Clock has been around since it was first published in London’s Evening Standard in 1937. While not flawless, the Clock often provides a useful guide for making investment decisions and can be very accurate at predicting what might lie ahead in the economic cycle. The real difficulty is determining exactly where the hand on the Clock should be placed at any given time.”

It is however, important to keep any economic and financial analysis in perspective. Not any one viewpoint is the whole answer.

Like diet, exercise and positive attitude are necessary to maintain well balanced physical and psychological health so too, is balance required to establish and maintain financial stability.

It is wise to grow a balanced variety of investments across real estate, equities, collectables, precious metals, superannuation and other instruments. Read widely and keep an open mind for new opportunity.

Also, monitor your own risk / return profile. Generally the greater the return sought the higher the risk you will be exposed to.

In regards to real estate, always remember that your family home is much more than an investment monetarily.

It is the heart and soul of your day to day living, so improve it and enjoy it with those that are close to you without the expectation that it will one day return you a fortune….. Because it may not!

Below is an interactive link to an overview of the Investment Clock that may be of interest. Again though, it is not a perfect model.

The Only Constant in Life is Change!

Drew Oliver

Regional & Rural Realty

Economic Clock – What Time is it Now?