Should You Buy Or Sell ?

Buy Or Sell (600 x 454) (150 x 114)

In tracking any investment, whether it is real estate, shares, bank deposits, bonds, precious metals, collectables or any other, it is both an art and a science, combined with a percentage of good luck as well as good management.

Unless you have direct access to an accurate clairvoyant or an alchemist with a proven track record, it is prudent to take a conservative approach.

In real estate investments, you can achieve good results whether the market is rising or falling.

In a rising market you can access tomorrows price today and in a falling market you can exit current investments and upgrade to better assets, and in doing so, minimise any further exposure to losses.

What is vital is to analyse your current position in relation to current market conditions. But more importantly, never lose sight of your medium to longer term goals.

Keep widely informed about macro and micro market influences and always seek advice from financial professionals.

In the meantime, place greater value on your relationships with family, friends and your health.

Live every day as if it were your last, because one day it will be!


Drew Oliver

Regional & Rural