Regional and Rural Offers a Great Alternative!Independent

WHEN Drew Oliver started in real estate in Sydney way back in the mid-1980s he loved it, but he did not like the cut-throat culture of the agency he was working for.

An electrician by trade, he turned back to that and then moved on into electrical engineering and running his own electrical-related business, but he always had it at the back of his mind that he’d like to get back into real estate “one day”.

Well, that time has finally come. After working for a couple of other Port Macquarie agencies, Drew has opened an agency called Regional and Rural Realty with his wife Janette. Drew is the principal and sales agent and Janette works full-time in reception, admin and sales support.

The name Regional and Rural Realty was chosen to reflect their coverage of residential sales throughout the region and because Drew also really enjoys the rural property element.

The doors opened only last November but already have a number of listings and some sales pending. In fact, business has been so good that they are advertising for another sales person to come on board and specialise in residential sales.

“The response has been terrific and home owners are quite readily considering us, welcoming us as an alternative to the big agencies,” Drew said.

He says Regional and Rural Realty is everything they believe a good agency should be, and that is, about client satisfaction.

“You won’t get high-pressure, glib salesmanship from salespeople just interested in how much commission they are making,” Drew said.

“Every person buys and sells in unique circumstances and it can be an extremely stressful time.

“We offer a different approach where we are empathetic to what you need and tailor our approach specifically for you.

“It’s not about us beating our chest and saying how fabulous we are. It’s about the service we provide for you and the result you are looking for –an excellent outcome at a reasonable cost.

“We want you as a long-term client who will choose to use us again and confidently refer us to their families and friends. We’re not in it just to make a quick buck.”

The commission structure is also very competitive.

“While we haven’t published a list of fixed price rates like some of the budget places – we are pitching ourselves competitively with sales arrangements specifically tailored to suit the property, the market conditions and the requirements and budget of the owner,” Drew said.

You can also be guaranteed of excellent marketing, especially on the web, because both Drew and Janette are very tech-savvy.

“We spend a lot of time on our website – it is the future and the now,” Drew said.

Whilst Drew’s occupation is in real estate, he certainly has other dimensions to his life, including agriculture, aviation, the Rural Fire Service and musical theatre.

Drew can often be found on the tractor on their small farm near Beechwood.

Having been a pilot for over 33 years Drew now uses a Cessna Hawk aircraft for aerial photography and rural property inspections and the aerobatic Robin aircraft for marketing.

So don’t be surprised if you see the large Regional and Rural Red Logo flying sky high.