Attention Landlords – Are Your Investment Properties At Risk? 

With the recent spate of Rental Roll Accumulations on the Mid North Coast, and particularly in Port Macquarie and the Camden Haven, concern has arisen in the minds of many landlords about the future management of their real estate investments.

It has long been recognised that real estate agencies that accumulate and amalgamate masses of rental properties rarely keep the balls in the air successfully.

The juggling and re-signing of landlords and tenants becomes an administrative nightmare with co-lateral damage. The landlords and tenants being the casualties.

The nett result is that both landlord and tenant become just a number, in an ocean of new entries in a property management software program, and personal service evaporates entirely.

It most often then follows that the hands-on management and maintenance of the property fall away and tenant satisfaction crashes.

As a result, the property managers themselves will often leave due to the stress of it all, and some exit the industry completely.

If your investment property has been caught up in the Rental Roll Roundup, you have an opportunity to consider an alternative option.

At Regional & Rural Realty we run a small well managed rental roll where ongoing management of your asset is a prime focus. This is not only achieved by physical maintenance of the property but also hinges on the selection and satisfaction of the tenant.

It is a Two-Way street in this regard. The landlord must provide a well-maintained property and the tenant must pay their rent on time and look after the property.

If you would like to have Regional & Rural to Review your managing agency agreement, lease and tenancy, please call Katrina for a confidential discussion on 02 6516 1960.

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