Is The Real Estate Sky Falling? Now that the banking royal commission has been digested and elections are out of the way, what has become of the real estate market? With historically low interest rates and another cut likely when the RBA next meets, is the real estate market dragging its heels? A reliable barometer of real estate market activity is auction numbers and clearance rates. By all accounts, the numbers remain acceptably firm with clearance rates having increased to about 76% in both Sydney and Melbourne albeit on reduced numbers of properties. Clearance rates above 60% are generally accepted as housing price growth. If you like to analyse statistical data, click on the link below to read yesterdays article from Trent Wiltshire from Domain research house. Click Here – Market Turnaround by Trent Wiltshire – Domain Research House When is the right time to buy or sell? People either need to sell and buy, Or choose to buy and sell for investment advantage. In the first instance, if you sell and buy in the same market the nett effect of the “state of the market” is negligible. In the latter case, irrespective of the “state of the market” you should be playing the long game and seeking to hold your investment for some time. So, trying to pick the bottom and top of the market is not the most prudent strategy. Have clear investment objectives with a plan and always do your research thoroughly. So, the bottom line is………………… Don’t Let The Headlines Scare You! The Sky Isn’t Falling!  Keep living and move on with YOUR Real Estate Dreams & Objectives!   Drew Oliver – Principal & Licensee – Regional & Rural Realty

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